A brand asset manager for in-house creative teams. Get line-of-sight over your whole brand story, from the logos to the latest campaign.


When you’re building a brand, there are so many things to think about. You want your customers to understand the value of your product, and how it fits into their lives. You want people to share their stories with your brand too—the good times and bad. And then there’s all that other stuff: what you can do now to improve content quality in the future, how you’ll stay relevant for years after launch…

It’s overwhelming even for a team of experts! That’s why the team at Niice built a single home for every part of your product or company that makes sense as part of the same conversation. Niice works closely with their clients’ teams to help them build better experiences faster—from designing new features for existing products,…

A single, always-on home for your brand

Niice is a single, always-on home for your brand. It’s where you can organize the assets you need to create great work and make your company look good. Niice is also an easy way to manage all of the conversations happening around your brand across social media channels, so that everyone who works with it has access to what they need when they need it.

Niice is a place for people who work with brands—we call them “branders”—to find everything they need in one place:

The right guidelines, in the right context

The right guidelines, in the right context

The purpose of a guideline is to help people make decisions about what to do or not do. This means that guidelines should be in the right context for the people who need them. For example:

  • The same guideline might be different for different groups of people (e.g., children versus adults).
  • The same guideline might be different at different times (e.g., day versus night).
  • The same guideline might be different in different places (e.g., indoors versus outdoors).

Creating order in a world of chaos

You can’t create in chaos. So how do you get your life and business organized so that creativity is possible?

The first step is to find your creative assets. These assets are the elements within your life and business that have proven to be most conducive to your creativity and productivity, such as certain tools or techniques.

Next, you need to find your team: the people with whom you work best on projects together (this may include yourself). This will help ensure that everything runs smoothly when working on new endeavors while also providing support during stressful times, like launching a new product or service. In addition, it’s important not only for who they are but also what they bring—are they all motivated by similar things? Is everyone part of the same mission? How do their personalities complement one another so well that each person’s strengths make up for others’ weaknesses? Determining these answers ahead of time will help keep things running smoothly once an idea gets off the ground.

Finally, finding ways in which this group can connect with other people through social media channels like LinkedIn or Twitter enables them access information from experts around the world who share similar interests/experiences; thus allowing them learn from others’ mistakes before making any themselves!

Connecting people and ideas

Niice is a platform that connects people and ideas to build new things. You can share your work, collaborate with others, build your network, and learn from others in the process.

Your own brand hub, wherever you want it.

  • You can access the platform 24/7, from anywhere in the world.
  • The platform is available in multiple languages, including Spanish and French.
  • They have strategically placed servers around the globe so that you can choose a time zone that works best for you—and your users!

Untangled access

You’re probably familiar with the term “unified access,” but what does that even mean? It means having one place to find all your brand assets. And Niice really means it—from guidelines and libraries to projects and approvals, everything is in one place.

Unified access also lets you edit and share all of your assets from anywhere on any device—you don’t have to worry about syncing files or sharing passwords anymore.

A platform that helps creative teams create smarter

Niice is a platform that helps creative teams create smarter. We help you bring your guidelines, libraries, projects and people together in one central hub. This creates order in a world of chaos. Your own brand hub, wherever you want it—whether it’s in Slack or Trello or email—and always-on no matter where you are or what device you use.


A brand hub is more than just a website, and it’s not just for marketing. It’s a platform that helps creative teams create smarter, more impactful work. A single, always-on home for your brand—you can build it from scratch or use what we have already created for you. The right guidelines in the right context—Niice takes care of everything else behind the scenes. Connecting people and ideas—no matter where they’re located or how many people are involved in an idea’s creation. Your own brand hub wherever you want it—all we need is for people to know about Niice so they can see what kind of magic happens when brands come together with their audience on this platform!