Open Shot is an award-winning free and open-source video editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Create videos with exciting video effects, titles, audio tracks, and animations.

Open shot is a online video editing tool.  which supports in all the three platforms Linux, MAC and Windows. The application is pretty user friendly and simply drag and drop the file and start editing. Open shot has wide rage of editing options, user can create infinite number of layers for water marks and background audio setup. we can crop the video as per our needs. we can animate any video by using various effects ie: fade, slide, bounce .

Open shot has special feature that enables to add any audio track to the video, 70 plus languages are available for the translation of the one together. User will experience new world of editing videos as we can create bunch of templates, slowing down , reverse, speeding and playback speed can be adjusted . we have wide range of lenses and color adjustments and themes for the best outcome of the video.we have built a user-friendly video editing app ever.